Monday, September 18, 2017

Activity on Laboratory

Work In Laboratory and Supervisory Control

Section2: Definitions

2.1 Teaching Laboratory

A laboratory where a group of students simultaneously receive instruction in, and perform, experimental procedures associated with a formally approved Carleton University academic course. Work in laboratory should be guide by their superior.


2.2 Research Laboratory

A laboratory set up primarily to conduct research.

2.3 Supervisor

A supervisor is a person who has charge of a workplace or authority over a worker. (OHSA Section1(1)) At the University, this includes all faculty and staff who supervise a laboratory. Deans, Directors, Chairs and other department heads and researchers are supervisors. The department head will appoint a supervisor for each lab. This supervisor is responsible for all matters of health and safety in the lab and will keep the records pertaining to health and safety for the lab. The department head will ensure that on appointment each supervisor attends a Health and Safety for Supervisors training session provided by EHSS.

Supervisor don't use dress too interesting, or very sexy because this can disturb other lab techniciant on their working.

Beauty supervisor

2.4 Laboratory Worker/User

A laboratory worker or user is anyone, student, staff or faculty, who works as a student or for pay in a laboratory, including those who have supervisory responsibilities.

2.5 Unattended Procedures/Equipment

A procedure or piece of equipment that is left operating when no one is in the lab.

2.6 Hazardous Agent

Any physical, chemical, radioactive, or biological agent that may pose a health or safety hazard to those exposed.

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