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Working in Laboratory

Working In Laboratory and Safety Tool must be use

In order to work in safety way in the laboratory, the worker must follow the procedure to work in laboratory; this procedure is as published by Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario (OSHA) for purpose of a laboratory.

Lab Warning

Laboratory Health and Safety Manual

Section 1: Introduction and Objectives

This manual provides a set of minimum standards and practices for the safe and healthy operation of a laboratory. Following the requirements set out in the manual will help meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario (OHSA) for the purposes of the operation of a laboratory. It is required reading for all laboratory supervisors, researchers, staff, and students working in research and teaching laboratories at Carleton University.

The manual was developed by Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS) based on the Laboratory Health and Safety Manual from the University of Western Ontario, and in consultation with faculty and staff in the Faculties of Science and Engineering, the Department of Physical Plant, and the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Revisions and updates will continue to be made. Please contact EHSS with any comments or suggestions you have about the manual.

This manual is intended to:
  • Define health and safety responsibilities within the University community;
  • Outline specific policy application for laboratory operation;
  • Explain basic emergency procedures; and
  • Provide information and standards for the healthy and safe operation of a laboratory.

The manual is not all encompassing. There are many special procedures conducted within our laboratories, which require unique health and safety precautions.
Departments will have additional procedures that apply to their own situations and work. In all cases the laboratory supervisor is ultimately responsible for teaching safe work practices and must insist upon the use of proper procedures to eliminate unnecessary hazards.

If you have any questions about how to safely undertake a task or project, ask your supervisor before you begin.

The objectives of this manual are to:
  • Define who is a supervisor and who is a laboratory worker;
  • Define the responsibilities of the supervisor and the laboratory worker for the safe operation of a laboratory;
  • Highlight sections of the OHSA which affect the operation of a laboratory;
  • Provide a standard of good laboratory safety practices which also allows the University to meet the requirements of Section 25(2)h of the OHSA, An employer shall take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker.
  • Provide the general guidelines and basic rules considered the minimum for the safe operation of a laboratory at Carleton University;
  • Protect all laboratory users from health and safety hazards;

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