Monday, June 16, 2008

Laboratory Worker Responsibility

Section 4: Responsibilities of Laboratory Workers
All laboratory workers are responsible for:

  1. following all applicable safety rules and practices as outlined in this manual and by the supervisor;
  2. using and wearing personal protective equipment according to instructions;
  3. reporting all incidents to the laboratory supervisor;
  4. reporting all unsafe conditions to the laboratory supervisor;
  5. completion of recommended occupational health screening programs when applicable; and
  6. attending all training courses as directed by the supervisor.

Section 5: General Health and Safety Principles

Good laboratory practice requires that every laboratory worker and supervisor observe the following:

  1. Food and beverages are not permitted in the lab. Consume food and beverages only in properly designated areas. (Ontario Regulation 851 Section 131)
  2. Use appropriate personal protective equipment at all times. (OHSA Section 28(1))
  3. Use laboratory equipment for its designed purpose.
  4. Confine long hair and loose clothing. (Ontario Regulation 851 Section 83)
  5. Use a proper pipette device. Absolutely no pipette by mouth.
  6. Avoid exposure to gases, vapors, aerosols and particulates by using a properly functioning laboratory fume hood.
  7. Wash hands upon completion of laboratory procedures and remove all protective equipment including gloves and lab coats.
  8. Ensure that the laboratory supervisor is informed of any unsafe condition. (OHSA Section 28 (1)(d))
  9. Know the location and correct use of all available safety equipment.
  10. Determine potential hazards and appropriate safety precautions before beginning new operations and confirm that existing safety equipment is sufficient for this new procedure. (See Appendix 3, Laboratory Risk Assessment)
  11. Avoid disturbing or distracting other workers while they are performing laboratory tasks.
  12. Ensure visitors to the laboratory are equipped with appropriate safety equipment.
  13. Be certain all hazardous agents are stored correctly and labeled correctly according to Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) requirements. (Ontario Regulation 860)
  14. Consult the material safety data sheet prior to using an unfamiliar chemical and follow the proper procedures when handling or manipulating all hazardous agents.
  15. Follow proper waste disposal procedures. (See Appendix 4, Disposal of Hazardous Waste)

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