Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abdominal Injuries

Blunt Injury of the Abdomen

A blunt abdominal injury is to be assumed, when internal organs (spleen, liver, intestines) were injured by external violence, but there is no visible wound.


Symptoms and Signs

-          intense pain

-          hawmotomata, bruises

-          tense abdominal wall



Severe internal bleeding and shock


Fist Aid

-          Lie the casualty down with legs drawn up and support his knees with a rolled blanket or garment.


Open Abdominal Injury

In open injuries of the abdomen the abdominal cavity has been opened up and bowels may have emerged. The most common causes for such injuries are stabs, shots and impalement by sharp objects.


Symptoms and Signs

-          Wound in the abdomen

-          Protrusion of intestinal loops

-          Intense pain



Injuries of the abdominal organs are accompanied by severe bleeding, shock, and infection of the wound.


First Aid

-          Cover the wound, and, if necessary, the bowel lightly with a sterile (metallized) dressing. Leave the protruding gut in its position. Do not attempt to put the gut back in place.

-          Lie the casualty down with drawn up knees supported by a rolled up coat of blanket.

-          Continue shock treatment.

-          Emergency call.



Never apply warmth to the casualty’s body belly in case of injuries and unspecified complaints in the abdominal area. The casualty must not eat, drink or smoke.


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