Monday, June 14, 2010

Regulation of Hazardous Chemical

General Requirements:
  • Hazardous Chemicals is chemicals in the form of single or mixture which pursuant to nature of physics or chemistry and or hazardous, toxic to worker, environment and installation
  • Quantity Limit Value of hereinafter referred to as NAK (Nilai Ambang Kuantitas) is amount of hazardous chemicals standard to specified chemicals potential hazards at work
  • Hazardous Chemical Material Control is effort conducted to prevent and or reduce risk effect of usage of Hazardous chemicals at work to labor, working equipment and environment
  • Lethal Dose 50 (LD 50) is dose causing death at 50% attempt animal
  • Lethal Concentration 50 (LC 50) is concentration causing death at 50% attempt animal.
  • Employer is Person, civil, legal body or group running a company property of by self
  • Person, civil, legal body or group which is by self-supporting run a business non its property
  • Person, civil, group of legal body or residence in Indonesia representing company as referred to in number 1 and number 2 which domiciling outside Indonesia region
  • Official Member one who is appointed to lead direct a working activity or self-supporting shares h. Worker is each and everyone capable to conduct work either in and also outside labor relation, utilize to produces goods or service to fulfill requirement of society
  •  Workplace is every field or room, closed or is open, moving or remain to, where labor, doing work or which is often entered by labor for an effort, and where there are danger sources or source
  • Occupational Safety and Health expert is expert who has specialty from outside Ministry of Manpower appointed by Minister Of Manpower
  • Worker Supervisor is expert officer who have specialty from Ministry of Manpower appointed by Minister of Manpower
  • Director is functionary appointed by Minister of Manpower as referred to in section 1 article 4 UU NO. 1 year 1970
  • Minister is Minister which is of labor area
Hazardous Chemical are consists of:
a. Poisonous materials
b. Highly poisonous materials
c. Flammable liquid
d. Highly flammable liquid
e. Flammable gas
f. Combustible
g. Reactive materials
h. Oxidator materials

The Description of each elements will describe next.

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