Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Safety Procedure of Install AC

This safety procedure is important because if installation done by user is defective, it will cause water leakage, electrical shock or fire. Air Condition Installation should follow the instruction strictly, installation should use accessories part and specified part for installation.
  • Install AC at a strong and firm location which is able to withstand the sets weight, if not strong enough can drop and causing injury.
  • Do not install outdoor unit near handrail of veranda. When installing AC unit at veranda of high rise building, child may climb up to outdoor unit.
  • For electrical work, follow the local national standard, regulation and this installation instruction. An independent circuit and single outlet must be used.
  • This equipment is strongly recommended to be installed with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker or residual Current Device.
  • Do not use joint cable for indoor/outdoor connection cable. Use the specified indoor/outdoor connection cable, refer to instruction. Connect the cable to the indoor unit and connect tightly for indoor/outdoor connection. Cramp the cable so that no external force will be acted on the terminal. If connection or fixing is not perfect, it will cause heat up or fire at the connection.
  • Wire routing must be properly arranged so that control board cover is fixed properly.
  • When install or relocate air conditioner, do not let any substance other than the specified refrigerant, eg. Air etc mix into refrigeration cycle (piping). Mixing of air etc will cause abnormal high pressure in refrigeration cycle and result in explosion, injury etc.

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