Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Safety Riding

Safe and Safety are the important point when we are riding a vehicle either motorcycle or car or automobile. Safe is invaluable so better spend the money for safety vehicle for your safe. Safety riding is knowledge about how to ride safely, either safe for yourself also safe for other rider. There are several angle to make safety on the road: Your skill is the most important, behavior should be build in order can respect to other rider, safety cloths to ride include your health, and good vehicle performance, accomplished with all license and insurance.

The standard motor cycle equipment as Management System of Safety Riding (MSSR) as follows:
  1. Rider should use full face helmet (recommend by MSSR – YVML), while for other passenger use minimum open face helmet.
  2. Use hand glove (advise use of hard protector hand glove), either for rider or passenger
  3. Using shoes that close to their heel like boot shoes.
  4. Bring Rain Gear for shoes, or use rain coat that separate of upper and below. Rain coat like ponco is not recommended.
  5. Use jacket that can pretend of winds blow (wind breaker), just for rider. Either for rider and passenger should use hard protector jacket.

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