Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poison Gas and The Winds Blow

One of the environment monitoring control is emision gas. The emision gas is always difficult to control by Authority, because gasses difficult to trace, even to prove. Gases are always blows everyday, and when the autority come, the gas flow may be stopped to ensure that the gas emision is not over the limit. This very difficult to control, and our atmosphere always growing old and old because every company just care to their profit but don't care about the future.

One of my article about poison gas and the winds blow as follows:

People say I'm very free, free wherever I go, I could be anywhere, in all directions. I do not have the form, and easy to change the shape. I am a very light material, unappreciated and tend to be hated by others. I walk aimlessly, always follow wherever he goes, if he run then I will come running after him, if he walk slowly, I will with difficult walking slowly to follow the plot. I am not something that has no purpose, but I would strongly influenced by his existence. If he is silent then I will free fall down and can fell everyone underneath. The effect can be very fatal and can lead slander arise. Me and him am not a harmonious spouse and always hand in hand but his presence will make it easy to determine the direction and destination path. Faster he runs then I will be more eager to catch up and make me free from fatal catastrophe, then I will disappear without anyone knows.

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