Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Government Rule No 27 Year 2012

New rule release from Indonesian Government to make more enforce on implementation of Government Law No. 32 year of 2009. On this new Government Rule No. 27 year of 2012, about the sanction from against the obligation to have environmental permit.

This rule release base on the company that still don't have environmental permit even the obligation of their activity must have this permit. Even the rule have been release by Minister of Environment on February 23th, 2012, but the socialization of this rule still don't effectively to all the company. The understanding of this rule still can't fully capture by all business initiator, even by government people. Miss understanding of this rule can be a gap, and can be wrong implemented and even can be manipulate by government person.

Not all people who socialize this rule can give clear understanding of the existing rule, and what should we do with this new rule. This rule make sure that every company will operate after they get environmental permit, but for company which already operate with no environmental permit don't state on this rule. Socialization in Jakarta last time just follow by few company, only 7 company, even hundreds company in Jakarta still don't have environmental permit. What should government do facing this problem? This really hard working of government people to overcome this problem. If they really think this problem, they will not able to sleep and will very hard work to do this.

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