Saturday, September 14, 2013

Placing of Ambient Monitoring Equipment

Ambient monitoring equipment can be install in around plant where you are working. To placing this equipment should follow the regulation that rule this. Usually government have guideline to placing this equipment. The government rule is not just for automatic sampler but also rule where manual sample should be taken. It follows the condition of your plant, should look the dominant wind dirrection and the spread of emission, by follow this guideline you can determine where the right position of the equipment should be placed.

On Indonesian regulation the placing of ambient monitoring should be consultated with government in order have recognize permit. Better not take any speculation for this because it already mentioned on the regulation. This may be need Government verification that usually they will come to your plant to determined together with you.

On the regulation mention this sentence:

1.3.b. Setting of Monitoring Location Setting the ambient air monitoring locations
  • Consideration in determining the ambient monitoring locations include: wind direction, land use, height of chimneys, and wide dispersion of pollutants.
  • Locations of monitoring point on: extreme value point, in the residential district, area of living creature lives or in specific places such as hospitals, primeval thing. Fixation of monitoring point can be performed with extreme value approach to dispersion modeling or field observations.
  • On the dominant wind direction, ambient air quality monitoring point at least 2 points with an emphasis on residential areas or sensitive places. Whereas in others the wind direction at least 1 point, in setting criteria such as the location of the dominant wind direction in the picture 1.1. (Setting the sampling point distance from the industry will be determined by the Government, while the responsibility of monitoring the industry). Wind direction data can be a secondary data from the nearest station meteorologists or direct measurement in the field of data that fall into the unit at all times to one particular direction or direction of the wind at each particular time period (daily, monthly, yearly).

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