Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Need and Duty to Render First Aid

The steadily growing accident risk at home, at work, on the road or anywhere, requiring that as many people as possible are able to render first aid. First aid is to be rendered not only to accident casualties, but also in other emergencies.

Emergencies are not only serious injuries resulting from accidents, but also sudden illness or poisoning that demand immediate life-saving action.

Duty to Render First Aid
Anyone expecting appropriate first aid from others in the event of an emergency should likewise be able and willing to help others. It is not only a moral but also a legal obligation to provide help in emergencies.

Duties of the First Aider

The first aider must be able to recognize swiftly and correctly what action is to be taken to assess all possible hazards and act will due consideration of the prevailing circumstances accordingly.

He must not take measures which should only be taken by physicians, trained nurses or ambulance staff. This includes administering medicines. The first aider will always advise the casualty to see a doctor.

Chain of Rescue
The process of first aid measures taken after e.g. an accident can be regarded as a chain consisting of five links. The individual steps interlock like chain links and their purpose is to give the casualty the required help and to make sure that he receives medical treatment as quickly as possible. The first aider is active within the first three links of the chain.

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