Thursday, June 19, 2008

Immediate Life Saving Measures

Such priority measures include all assistance or treatment aiming at preserving the life of a person with serious injuries, a sudden, life-threatening or poisoning, and must be taken in following emergencies:

Danger zone: warning, moving injured
Unconsciousness: recovery position
Respiratory standstill: ventilation
Circulatory standstill: ventilation, external chest compression
Severe bleeding: stop bleeding
Shock: shock treatment

Emergency Service
Fire Service: 122
Police: 133
Ambulance: 144
Police for Euro emergency call: 112

When send someone to the emergency services, give the following detail information:

  1. Scene of accident:
    Indicate location, street, house, number, corner, and kilometer sign.
  2. Accident type:
    E.g. road accident, fire, electric shock?
    Have casualties been trapped or buried?
    Has the road been blocked?
    Transport of hazardous chemicals (Important: quote the numbers indicate the HazChem Panel accurately!)
  3. Number of Casualties.
    Number of the casualties at the scene of the accident.
  4. Identity
    Give your own name and telephone number.

Further First Aid

  • Guard the casualty from further damage and danger.
  • Dress Wounds.
  • Alleviate pain by changing the casualty’s position or providing other assistance.
  • Stay with the casualty, comfort and reassure him or her, but do not make any diagnoses.
  • Prevent others from imprudent and unskilled interfering.

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