Monday, June 9, 2008

Safe Behaviour

This site about First Aids, Accident Prevention, Danger Zone, Crash Helmet, Unconsciousness, Respiratory Standstill, Circulatory Standstill, Severe Bleeding, Shock, Wound, Animals Bites, Chemical Burns, Burns Wound, Frostbite, Hypothermia. Contusions, Joint Injuries, Bone Fracture, Chest Injuries, Abdominal Injuries, and others Safety Matters.

Safety matter becomes an urgent matter in this modern life, safety knowledge become more important after the world itself becoming not safe for living. Disturbance come from our environment and also come from our neighborhood. The condition or the way of your live becomes the main point to determine the safe condition. If you like to do something in the wrong way it is mean that you are in unsafe act. This way can only be changed by yourself, others can only give you some advice to change, but the safe condition will create by yourself. If you are work in the dangerous environment, its mean that you are in unsafe conditions. On this condition you must be careful to do something, the preventive act should be done before you get an accident. No body can guarantee that dangerous don’t come to you but God. You can work and pray before, in order not get any accident.

Some accident can come because of your careless, but can come because of other careless, but you or other persons can get the effect. So on the safety matter you can’t trust anyone else, you should check by your self, you should act by yourself and admonishing your friend, partner, family and others to take care about safety. Prevent is better than Cure.

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