Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Safety Consideration

Safety consideration is sometime not urgent matter, but knowledge about safety is urgent for all of you. Safety first is not happened every time, but it happened any time. So you need this knowledge any times but it must be ready when the condition is needed. Safety is needed in every place, on the road, on your home, on your work place, even when you are slept. Safety is safe your soul, safety is safe your live, safety is safe your future.

Sample on overcoming the accident will show you here using a short video. This conditions is not happened every day, even you don’t want happened in your house, don’t happened later, because it is will bad... bad ... effect. Safety is not overcome the urgent condition, safety is not overcome the accident, but safety is more usable on prevent of accident. Safety is more arrange your house, check everything before doing something, safety is for your future.

Preventive is more important that solving the problem, every body have a problem, but prevent of facing same problem is more important. Learning from others is useful for you, so you can prevent that condition will not happened to you. In mechanical engineering there is a technical term “Preventive Maintenance,” for your future is should be any “Preventive of Live.” Every body has their own experience on their life, but someone else have a similar accident on their life. Some of accident happened can not be avoided but many of accident happened because of our careless. This point can be avoided. Just here for today and wait of video upload from me. Happy browsing...

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