Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Accident Aider

Skiing Accidents, avalanches:
Set up warning signs, at a sufficient distance from the danger zone (slope) with skis and poles.
Emergency call

Buried or trapped casualties:

Call emergency and follow the expert’s instructions.
Make sure that there is no danger of further sliding masses.
Do not approach the scene on your own and without being secured by a rope.
Use suitable tools (no pick axe) to work your way to the casualty.
First expose head and chest, then the whole body without using tools (do not pull the casualty’s arms or legs).

Accidents caused by tires:
Call emergency and follow the expert’s instructions.
Make sure you are not trapped by the fire when you move the casualty.
Avoid danger of poisoning by smoke gas.

Gas Accidents:
Do not use lighters, matches, torches, or the like!
Do not activate electric switches!
Emergency call.

Electrical Accidents:
Turn off the current (pull the plug, activate protective switch, take out the fuse).
If it is impossible to turn off the current, put something non-conductive between you and the casualty (rub-clothing, etc) and the earth (rubber boots, china ware, etc.)
Do not approach the casualty before the current has been turned off!
Call 133 and ask to inform the power station; safety measures are to be taken by experts.
If a first aider finds himself in a voltage field he should jump out of it with his legs closed.

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