Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Danger Zone

A danger zone is an area, where the lives of a casualty and a first aider are in acute danger.

Assessment of the accident
Ø Read accident
Ø Accident involving transport of hazardous chemicals
Ø Skiing accident, avalanche accident
Ø Buried or trapped casualties
Ø Fire, electrical accident
Ø Accident in gas-filled rooms
Ø Ice accident
Ø Bathing accident
Ø Other

Danger to the lives of the first-aider and the casualty!
The type of accidents listed above first of all require, apart from priority measures, warning others and moving the casualty from danger.

The first aider must ensure his own safety first by taking certain protective measures. Very often moving the casualty can only can be done by skilled helper (e.g. fire service) with suitable technical equipment.

How to handle accident?

Road Accident
Warn other drivers of the danger by placing a red reflective triangle at sufficient distance from the accident. The reflective triangle distance position from the accident location depends on where the accident happened.

Motorway/Expressway: minimum 200 m
Country road: minimum 100 m
Town minimum: 50 m

Sign for Truck that bring Chemicals: Hazchem Panels (indicating transport of dangerous chemicals):

  • Panels Without Code Number: Panel generally denoting dangerous materials
  • Panels with Code Number: Special panel

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