Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bandage of Wound Dressing

Gauze Bandages

A gauze bandage does not consist of sterilized dressing material and must not be placed onto the wound. It is only used to secure the sterile dressing.

Dressing Packs

The dressing packs is ideal dressing materials to cover wounds. The pad is attached to a gauze roller bandage. It is sealed in a sterilized wrapping.

How to apply it:

  • Flip off the outer paper wrapping.
  • Pull apart with both hands and take care that it remains sterile.
  • Hold the sort end (tail) of the bandage down and place the padding over the wound.
  • Wind the rolled part (head) of the bandage two or three times around the dressing, reverse the short end of the bandage and include it in the bandage turns.
  • Cover the padding entirely with the long end of the roller bandage.
  • Fasten the bandage by tucking in the other end underneath the bandage or use adhesive tape, or tie the end of the bandage down with a knot to the previously formed dangling loop.

Dressing of wounds with embedded or slightly protruding foreign objects:

  • Place the sterile dressing over the wound.
  • Place a ring padding around the object and secure it with a gauze bandage.

Foreign Object protruding substantially from the wound:

  • Cover the object and the surrounding area with sterile dressing or place them around the object.
  • Place a ring padding on top of the sterile dressing.
  • Fasten the sterile dressings and the ring padding with gauze bandage and carefully include the foreign object.

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