Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wound Dressing

Wound dressing consist of 3 layers:

The sterile dressing serves to stop bleeding and protects from further contamination. The dressing to be kept in a sterile wrapping, which must be undamaged. Open the wrapping and carefully handle the dressing at the edges or corners only. A sterile dressing that has fallen to the ground, must no longer be used.

Sterile dressing are:
Absorbent gauze, metallized dressing, sterilized cloths (burnt dressings), in an emergency a clean (newly washed and ironed) handkerchief.

Pad layer:
The pad serves to adsorb blood and secretions from the wound and should consist of a thick layer of absorbent material, e.g. cellulose, further layer of absorbent gauze, etc.

The bandage serve to secure the pad and the dressing and is clean, but not sterilized. There fore do not place the bandage or triangular bandage directly on the wound. To secure dressing use adhesive plaster, gauze bandages, triangular bandages, tubular bandages, etc.

Adhesive dressings
An adhesive dressing is used to cover small, non-bleeding wounds. An adhesive dressing consist of a small pad attached to an adhesive backing. It is protected by two overlapping plastic strips.

How to use adhesive dressings:
Peel off the protective strips from the dressing without touching the pad. Place the pad over the wound and attach the adhesive edges to the surrounding uninjured skin only. Adhesive dressing will only stick to dry skin.

Keep the material dry and cool. Old adhesive dressing do not stick properly, therefore have them replaced from time to time. Continue to Wound Dressing Type.

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