Monday, October 20, 2008

HSE Safety Policy

Responsibilities: Supervisor:

  • All supervisors are familiar with policies and rules and provide for the health and safety of those supervised. They are in a key position in the organizational structure to carry out the department's safety and to prevent injuries to their employees.
  • Ensure that required safety equipment, devices and personal equipment and apparel are provided and maintained, and are properly used by individuals working in their operations.
  • Provide employees and students with instruction and assistance in the proper operation of equipment or materials involved in any operation which may be potentially hazardous. Provide for health and safety training.
  • Take prompt corrective action when unsafe conditions, practices or equipment are reported or observed. Encourage reporting of concerns.
  • Promptly conduct a thorough investigation in all work-related injuries, illnesses and accidents, submit appropriate recommendations on all accident reports, including the Employer's Reports of Occupation accident reports as appropriate, have been implemented.
  • Coordinate or conduct inspections to maintain safe and healthful conditions, and address any deficiencies that are identified.

Responsibilities: Employee

  • Comply with applicable environmental health and safety policies, standards, rules, regulations and procedures. These include safety-related signs, related signs, posters, warnings and written/oral directions when performing tasks.
  • Do not perform any function or operation which is considered hazardous, or is known to be hazardous without proper instructions and authorities known to be hazardous without proper instructions and authorization.
  • Only use equipment and materials approved or provided by the supervisor or instructor and for which instruction has been provided by this or other experience.
  • Become thoroughly knowledgeable about potential hazards associated with the work area; knowing where information on these hazards is maintained and how to use this information when needed.
  • Wear or use prescribed protective equipment. Report all unsafe conditions, practices, or equipment to the supervisor, instructor or safety officer whenever deficiencies are observed.
  • Inform the supervisor or instructor immediately of all work-related injuries or accidents and obtain prompt medical attention when necessary.
  • Provide information necessary for the supervisor or safety officer to adequately and thoroughly complete the Employer's Report of Occupational Injury and Illness and any other associated accident/illness reports.

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