Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Aid of Burns

  • When clothes are on fire, extinguish the flames at once:
    – Prohibit the person from rushing about with burning clothes
    – Make him/her roll on the ground
    – Smother the flames by wrapping clothes, blankets or garments around him/her
    – Pour water over the casualty/immerse in water
  • If use a fire extinguisher does not direct it to the casualty’s face and keep a certain distance.
  • Some types of fire extinguishers must not be used on persons. Therefore pay attention to the instructions on the fire-extinguisher available.
  • Remove the clothing carefully, do not tear off clothes sticking to the skin.
  • Apply cold water
  • Hold the burnt part immediately under cold, clean running water (10 to 15 minutes) to combat shock and to reduce heat and pain, until the pain subsides.
  • Extensive burns have to be treated with cold water within the first 30 minutes while circulation is still intact, as later the danger of shock increases.
  • Cover the burn injuries with sterile material, such as burn dressing (packs), burn bandages, and metalized dressings, if nothing else available clean bed sheets.
  • Further shock treatment (on first aid help)
  • Third degree burns require medical treatment, second-degree burns only when the blistering is larger than the casualty’s palm (approx. 1%).
  • Emergency call.
    In case of severe burns call the ambulance immediately, because proper shock treatment and swift, gentle transport to hospital may be life-saving.

Prevention of fires and burns
Fire is caused only when there is:
- Contact between a combustible substance with a source of ignition
- Sufficient oxygen is present

In order to prevent fires, keep inflammable substances at cool, dry, and well ventilated places and keep sources of ignition (i.g. also direct sunlight) away, as even slight inattentiveness can have serious consequences. As a further measure to prevent fires in the home only use fabrics which do not burn easily.

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