Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Broken Pelvis

A pelvis fracture can occur when the casualty falls or is buried or trapped, etc.

Symptoms and Signs
Pain around the pelvis region and the legs. The casualty might be unable to get up.

Additional injuries of internal organs and thus internal bleeding.

First Aid
  • Do not change the casualty’s position, in particular avoid leg movements.
  • Move the casualty away only from immediate danger. Draw the casualty gently to safety, but leave him otherwise in the position you found him.
  • Treat for shock
  • Emergency call
Accident Prevention
Falls are the most common accident causes, resulting not only in bruises, but also in severe injuries, sometimes fatal. The risk of an accident is increased by unsuitable or worn-down shoes, bad light, or no light, untidiness, impaired vision, and lack of safety-mindedness.

Chores that required one to “aim high” and to leave “firm ground,” are particularly hazardous. Use neither footstools or shaky stools, nor piled up pieces of furniture, but get yourself an inexpensive step or a safe two step or three step stool.

Use of Ladders:
  • Make sure that the ladder is standing firmly and has the correct height, wear suitable shoes and do not exceed the admissible loads (see sticker on the pole).
  • Do not keep ladders behind unlocked doors!
  • Always climb the ladder facing the rungs!
  • Do not stand on the top step or rung!
  • Do not bend sideways, but move the ladder on!
  • Do not use a stepladder as a leaning ladder (garden ladder!)
Purchase of a Ladder
Buy only tested ladders: i.e. ladders that comply with the Z 1500-standards (“Z 1500-gepruft”- sticker on the poles).

When you use leaning ladder (garden ladders), make sure of:
  • Firm hold
  • Correct angle and
  • Firm point of contact

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