Monday, January 19, 2009

Chest Injuries

Blunt chest injury
A blunt chest injury is to be assumed when external violence upon the rib cage causes the fractures and lung injuries, but there is no visible external wound.

Symptoms and signs
  • Pain when taking deep breaths
  • Breathing is shallow
  • Pain-relieving stance
  • Hacking cough, possibly spitting of blood
  • Sings of shock

Fracture of even a few ribs, the breastbone or vertebrae can cause inward bleeding or injuries of internal organs (lung, heart). Serial rib fracture are particularly dangerous, as they, first and foremost, impair breathing.

First Aid
  • Open tight clothes.
  • If possible, place the casualty in an almost half sitting position turning him to his injured side.
  • Treat for shock.
  • Emergency call.

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