Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ergonomic Body Position

When you sit or do something, you must intent to your body position, because your wrong habits can make you abnormal forever, here is the position you should be avoided.

Sit in Crouched position
If your habit to sit in crouched position and then you feel comfortable with that position, or use not ergonomic chairs, or using chair higher than the table, and make children crouched the body when writing.

When habits are allowed to raise muscle tension in neck and back area which led to complaints feel sore or stiff. If the complaint is left for long periods can result in kyphosis. To correct it (if relatively minor), can be done with exercises to improve posture and strengthen muscles. In addition to doing exercises to support the strengthening muscles around the back and shoulder area. While classified as severe if the operation needs to be done.

Sitting in Sideways
The chair is not ergonomic or height that is not the same seat can cause the child to sit with a certain slope. If progress continues, eventually forming gradually become a habit. The muscles and spine are forced to work too hard make adjustments with body position. As a result, there was muscle strain. So naturally, if the complaint appears stiff or sore feeling in the back and waist area because the muscles are tense.

If this position is ongoing can cause abnormal postures known as scoliosis. However, when the crooked less than 20 degrees is enough exercise to strengthen muscles and the formation of posture. Meanwhile, if classified as secondary scoliosis, should be assisted tools and when to have an operation classified as severe.

Carrying heavy loads
Carrying a heavy load on one side, for example carrying a bag on the right shoulder constant may also cause muscle tension in the right shoulder. Marked by a sense of aches or stiffness, pain in the region. In fact, if the condition is ongoing for a prolonged period can result in changes in posture, though not always scoliosis.

When these posture changes to result in a high shoulder side, head into the high side and the pelvis is necessary to conduct X-ray examination. Given the curved spine to form the letter "S", it can be diagnosed with scoliosis. The next step, live determines the degree of slope of the curve to determine therapy or what to do.

Writing while asleep
Lying position while writing on the floor can cause complaints of pain in the neck, shoulders, and back muscle strain although not to cause scoliosis. However, if the sleeping position, face down, or sit the wrong attitude continually allowed to form bad habits can impact on health.

Prone position, for example, will put pressure on the chest and lungs are also a means to prevent the circulation of oxygen. In fact, the smooth supply of much needed oxygen in the brain to concentrate. Another result is easy sleepy. In addition, lying or prone position also causes the eye sight and textbooks become closer, so less good for the eyes.

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