Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emergency Response on Water

On the development of water tourism place, need a person who can handle of every problem on the water like to help people drawn. More people go to the toursm area, the more possibilty of accident happen. While not many people understand of how to help people in accident in water. If too late to help drawn people can make victom died. This toursm place need professional people special for helping people on water accident.

Many kind of water accident can happen, so people who responsible for emergency response in water accident should be trained of several skill like on the below list:
  • Basic knowledge of emergency condition that may happen on water (swimming pool, fast stream pool, and beach)
  • Knowledge and skill of First Aid for help people on difficult to breath
  • Technical Skill and knowledge of first aid for drawn people.
  • Technical Skill and knowledge of first aid for water flawed
  • Technical Skill and knowledge of first aid for hypothermia condition.
The contain of those training include of emergency response knowledge, cuase of emergency condition, basic principle of emergency condition. To completed this knowledge the professional on first aid shoul have knowledge and skill on the following others:

Anatomy and physiology nerve system (brain), blood circulation through heart and air circulation through lung.
  1. Breath disturbance and heart disturbance.
  2. Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation
  3. Shock
  4. Drawning
  5. Hypothermia
  6. Unconsciousness
  7. Other flawed on water

Usually the training will use of CPR doll to get a simulation for help people and other tools to do a real practice.

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