Thursday, February 18, 2010

Safety, Environment and Emissions

Nothing hurts your brand reputation more than an unsafe workplace, an unsafe plant that releases toxins into the community, or unsafe products. Sustainable productions must include high performance and flexible machines with integrated safety component and safety features such as safe off and safe speed. Companies that use machines with integrated safety can potentially increase throughput, reduce injuries, and demonstrate that the company takes employee safety as seriously as they do productivity and profitability.

You also need to avoid being viewed as a company that has trouble with product recalls because of limited supply chain traceability. Recent news headlines have cited recalls for pharmaceutical products, bagged vegetables and other products that demonstrate the importance of full supply chain traceability. Consider your liability from the initiation of supply chain all the way to your distribution network.

The company solution for advance process control, predictive modeling, and continuous emissions monitoring predictive emission monitoring system are used all over the world. These solutions offer a distinct differentiator for successful sustainable production by helping manufacturer to use material efficiency and to comply with emission monitoring and reporting regulation.

With the convergence of industry drivers and the availability of value add automation solutions, you have every reason to practice sustainable production for long term competitiveness. It allow you to overcome today’s economic pressures, achieve your long term business goals, improve your global competitiveness, and have a more positive impact on society and the environment.

When you combine the cost savings of sustainability programs with today’s public rally behind saving the environment, the benefits of sustainable production are even more apparent. By investing in safer products and process, resource efficient technologies, and processes and traceability tools, manufactures thrive.

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