Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Safety Full Masker

Safety full masker use just for your safety. 
Safety full masker divided into two main part, the masker body or half mask and respiratory filter. Respiratory Filter that installed on the masker usually have special use for certain gas or for several kind of gases. Before you use your full masker you must know the guide line of respiratory filter on the masker you use.

Intended use:
  • The half mask and the respiratory filter form a filter device that provides protection against harmful gases and vapors as well as against particles. The choice of respiratory filter depends on the conditions of the contaminant environment.
Condition for Use:
  • The ambient air must contain at least 17% by volume oxygen. Do not enter unventilated areas such as containers, shafts or ducts when wearing the mask.
  • The type and concentration of the contaminants must be known.
  • Ensure adequate eye and head protection.
  • Use a suitable respiratory filter. The weight of the respiratory filter must not exceed 300 g.
  • The filter device may only be used by duly instructed personnel.
  • If it is to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, threat the mask with an antistatic spray or use a water system.
  • Using the mask:
  • Screw the respiratory filter in
  • Hang the straps around your neck so that the half mask rests on your chest.
  • Hold the mask in front of your face and draw the head straps over your head.
  • Position the head straps above your ears.
  • Tighten the straps so that the mask is comfortable and fits tightly over your face.
  • The head straps can also be worn over a hard hat. The half mask is put on as described above.
Testing before use:
Does the mask fit?
  • Hold your hand over the filter and inhale until a vacuum is created. Hold your breath for a moment. The vacuum must be maintained. If it is not:
  • Retighten the step or use a different size of mask.
  • The half mask may not fit correctly over a bread or dropping cheeks.
The tight fit of the mask must have been successfully tested before you enter hazardous locations-danger of poisoning! The half mask must fit tightly and the respiratory filter must be installed before entering the contaminated area!.

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