Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Step Before Help People

Become a first aider, you should have first aider certificate, without certificate that make sure of your skill to help people on critical condition can make the victim get more serious condition or even caused die. First aider usually include on the fire brigade team, when the danger alarm come from certain place this team should be available on the team. So first aider is became the longer help from fire brigade, to handle the first time of people on critical condition.

Not every unconscious victim need of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when he or she on the critical condition, this handling just only apply to people on unconscious condition and she or he not breath. If the victim still breath even on unconscious condition she or he don't need of CPR, if this cpr do in the wrong condition can make the victim die. So if you are to be a first aider you should make sure if the victim is not breath anymore. This mean that she or he on critical condition, not breath mean that there are no supply oxygen to their body system. If the first aider can make the victim breathing work again before 4 minutes, victim will be normal again, but if more than 4 minutes victim not breath its mean his or her brain don't supply with oxygen more than 6 minutes, this condition can make he or she will abnormal after breath again. If victim can't supply oxygen by 10 minutes this can victim die.So CPR is very critical but also danger if wrong applied.

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