Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Government Rule For Food Industry

In facing many problem that merge lately, especially in food matter such as using of rotten Tomato and other rotten fruit, Indonesian Government in this case the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has published the rule about the limitations in making sauce itself and made ​​several raids against the sauces that contain harmful substances, such as dyes, preservatives, and msg. BPOM also issued a rule in Article 26 of Regulation of the Minister of Health (Permenkes) No. 722/Menkes/PER/IX/88. Article that mentions the content of sodium benzoate is allowed in a product, is the maximum 600mg/kg every soy products, while for the various sauces maximum of 1,000 mg / kg.

Some Kind/Kind of Dangers Due to Most Eating Disorders Sauce/ Bad Sauce:

1. Cancer
In the sauce contained heavy metals on the benzoic acid that serves as a preservative to prevent easy stale / rotten sauce.

2. Allergy / Irritation Throat / Sore Throat
Someone could get teggorokan inflammation due to eating sauce ingredients benzoic acid and other content can be a trigger allergy or irritation of the throat, especially in children.

3. Severe Asthma Trigger
Small children who have asthma talent can easily short of breath because it was triggered by substances in the sauce. Adults may be able to be sensitive to the sauce.

4. Impaired Excretion System (Removal System)
Human organs can be damaged by substances in the sauce, such as kidneys and cause other digestive problems are quite disturbing.

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