Saturday, July 23, 2011

Smoking is Prohibited

Smoking is prohibited in many area, smoking just allow in smoking area. This is usually available in Industry area. What different smoking area and other area, smoking area have available tool to lit off the cigarette ember and the place where should put the cigarette butt. In smoking area usually the place have conditioned to be saved if you discharge butt carelessly, while in many other area not in smoking area will not provided lit off place and the place will not saved if you through away butt carelessly.

Smoking in any place can danger because not when he smoke cause fire but usually smoker discharge butt carelessly. After he discharge, he don't watch what happen on his butt. Cigarette butt fire can burn anything on there area and longer time the fire more big. This butt can burn other waste like papers, cloth, or cotton waste on the bucket. Discharge cigarette butt on the street can cause burn waste and become big fire. So this all usually the danger of cigarette from smoker. In dangerous area they don't smoke because maybe the gas or fume can burn by ember but in the area near of this place they smoke and can danger to other place.

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