Friday, September 23, 2011

Safety is Everybody Responsibility

Safety is everybody responsibility, how to control this statement that everybody will comply with the safety regulation. This statement can just be a slogan but no body want to responsible on consistency of compliance with safety regulation. Any excuse will use as a waiver of safety regulation. Everybody responsibility can become mean no body responsibility. This statement should be followed by commitment of management to stress the safety to their college in order everybody will obey to the safety regulation. The director should be a role model on consistent to follow of every rule on safety regulation. The director should be able become the first man who follow of safety regulation. If they go to the plant for example, he should use helmet and safety shoes, if they enter to dangerous area he should use gas masker. His behavior will be emulated by their staff when go to the plant.

The plant that have potential risk of some dangerous condition can't be tolerate of ignoring the rule, if some dangerous condition come, everybody should ready face those danger, so everybody on that location should have prepared by personal protection equipment (PPE). Minimum PPE on certain area can be varied, and this should be prepared by everybody on that location. Event like gas leakage is unpredictable by everybody so everyone should ready with gas masker on that area. If gas leakage happened, and if people don't use gas masker so the accident can't be avoided. Once people breath that gas immediately he was going to faint, and if no body care the obligation to use gas masker than no body can help the victim. The fatal condition will face by the victim, because too long exposed to the gas. So this why using PPE is mandatory on certain area if that location have risk of gas leakage.

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