Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waste Handling

One of the safety job is waste and hazardous waste handling properly. Hazardous waste categorize by the characteristic of the waste like corrosive chemicals, reactive chemicals, irritate chemicals, expel dangerous gas from those waste or expel radiation effect. If one of the characteristic is own by those waste should be handling properly like should be store in hazardous storage, packed with safe packaging, and should be dispose to legal company that have certain waste treatment facility.

Legal company who have waste treatment facility should be check the credibility of that company such as the insurance, transporters permit, and certain waste treatment process in their plant directly. If all these requirement have been fulfilled, its mean the credibility of that company can be reliable, and we can disposed of certain waste to those legal waste treatment company. 

The rule in development country have required to the company's waste producer to treat their waste in order they can apply 3 R principle; i.e Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. By applying this principle to every company's waste producer, so this planet will be able long life. 

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