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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Accident Control

Accident handling sometime complicated and can be wrong reported because the situation on the field also complex. As a regulation every contractor who work on our site should have insurance, and become the responsible of that contractor. Every contractor have been checked the fulfilness of the requirement but when the accident happened and check directly to the patient, they don't have insurance because they are not an employee of that contractor but just a subcontractor to finished the job but don't reported to safety department.

Good coordination among department on the site should be provided in order every rule and requirement can be followed. Some of the violations occurred in the site such as not using the appropriate PPE to be the cause of many accidents without them knowing it. Using PPE but don't function it also often the main cause of accident happen, such as they are bring masker but never wear, bring full body harness but not hook this equipment when they are working in height.

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