Saturday, February 11, 2012

Construction Incident

Steel construction should be design precisely and it should be described in detail the step of steel construction. Civil engineer should consider all the sudden force changes on the structure. The force changes on the steel structure can affected by the steel construction itself or cause by external force like strong win or because of earth quake. The steel construction should consider all the above possibility, mainly while the construction still on going.

This accident also happen on my working area because Civil engineer don't consider all those possibility available on the construction. When the steel frame just install, suddenly there is a change of whether and come fast wind direct to straight to the steel construction. The wind speed may be just 20 km per hour but the total cross section hit by the wind are very wide and make the changes force direction on the steel construction, consequently the steel construction falling down because less of poles that reduce the wind force. As a civil engineer should consider these all possibility on the building while construction, in order no accident happened. Like on the below picture the steel structure while construct should be protected by several poles.

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  1. I agree with your post. It is very important in every construction services firm to secure first the safety of every individual.