Monday, March 11, 2013

Environmental Protection Law No 32 Year 2009

This law still new and may still don't familiar with general people. This law is about Environmental Protection and Environmental Management. This regulation not actuall contain really new of regulation but some is pressed to all company must have environmental permit, such as UKL-UPL or AMDAL. The new contail may be about clear statement about sanction if any violation to environment.

On this regulation is obliged to the mining industry have environmental permit, that completed with AMDAL. In connection already have AMDAL they should make any environment permit if any this activity on their area:
  • Change in form of land and lanscape
  • Exploitation of nature resources, renewable and unrenewable
  • Process and activity to cause environmental impact.
  • Process and activity whose output would influent the preservation of the nature resources of conservation area and/or protection culture resource reserve.
Other new is about saction and penal provision. On this sanction to the environmental rule violent basically any two kind sanction, by administration saction and penal provision.

The sanction and penal provision kind then grouping by two kind violation, if anybody deliberately create environmental rule violation and accidentally make environmental rule violation. On this two kind violation will differ in the sanction and penalty.

More bigger sanction or longer penalty if anybody deliberatly make violation and also make bigger the sanction if their violation make these happen:
  1. make environmental pollution
  2. make environmental pollution and make people having healty disturbance
  3. make environmental pollution and make people die

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