Saturday, April 20, 2013

Become an Expert of Safety Health and Environment

How to become an expert on Safety health and Environment. There are three component on this field and if you want to be an expert on the three of the mentioned subject, it may be very difficult and need long time to work and continue study.

The first thing you must know is about the rule that exist on your country, laws related to safety, laws related to health, laws related to environment. Each subject need long time to know it.

Regulation in connection to safety:
  • The regulation connecting to safety like, the condition of installation of every equipment, certicate for every equipment needed, certificate needed for people who operate those equipments.
  • Regulation in connection to erection a building or plant
  • The needed of certified people in every field to operate the plant
  • Management safety for people responsible on this field
  • Certified people to manage safety
Regulation in connection to Health:
  • Regulation in connection to operate health control to employee and contractors
  • Certificate needed on operating health equipment
  • Certified people who manage health for employee and contractors
  • Regulation the facility needed
  • Certified people to manage Health
Regulation in connection with Environment:
  • All government regulation on how to manage environment on plant
  • Reporting system in every county is different
  • Communication skill to government and to environment about the plant
  • Chemical knowledge that is use in all plant
  • Cerfified people to manage environment

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