Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welding Inspektor

Safety be determined by the inspection of the equipment before they use it, like on welding job. On this job welding inspector should be able to make sure that this job will work safely. Without right inspection to all the equipment related to this job, welding can be a dangerous because it can be a trigger of explosion.

Work with using fire is not simple if this working should be done on running plant. Many other fire ignition can exist on the welding location and it should be isolated first. On this condition welding job should be inspect by process engineer and also welding inspector.

On special welding job, welding inspection should be able to do by them self, worker who will do a welding job, because safety is for them. Supervisor just make sure that the welding job already safe and make sure that all equipment is on good condition. So the safety key of welding job will depend on the welder itself, the persor who perform as executor.

Some important message should be install nearby the welding house in order can be a reminder to all welder before they work.

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