Thursday, May 13, 2010

Falling Down From the Roof

Repairing roof and ceiling, often dangerous because often the roof supporting is not in a good condition. After long time don’t inspect, the wood that support the roof and ceiling may have foliage and easy to broke if you step on them. People often fall down because of they step on the bad wood that have old or on the corroded metal if the support material is made from metal.

If you will repair your house roof, it is dangerous because actually you can’t sure that the roof condition is still good. After long time no see on the roof, the changes may happen on that time duration. If you really need go to the roof for repairing something like to change roof tile that is broken or leakage. If you directly step on the roof you can’t sure that the roof tile supporting still on a good condition, if you under the roof the same condition also can’t sure that the ceiling wood structure is still on good condition.

When you walk on the ceiling is dangerous because not all the structure cant support your body, if there are accident like your head is step into the wood then your foot step can’t be controlled anymore, then you step up to the weak structure, and the wood will broken and you fall down. This accident is often happen when people repair roof through the ceiling or install electric cable or other kind of cable that should be place on the ceiling.

To make safe to inspect on the roof, you should use safety belt that tie to the strong base that can support your body weight. You must use a safety belt to go in the ceiling and install on the strong base before you step on the wood supporting. You also make sure the structure can support your body, by check first test the strength.


  1. Also, don't put all your body weight on one corner of the roof, especially when walking to traverse from one side to another. There is moss, ice and loose shingles to worry about (depending on the weather). It also helps if you have a buddy to help you.

    1. Yes thanks for your comment, there are several accident similar with the above story. Also dangerous if walking on the ceiling roof, sometime the wood already spoil.