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Friday, February 4, 2011

Management of Hazardous and Poisonous Substances

Management of Hazardous and Poisonous Substances

In this Government Regulation what we mean by:

  1. Hazardous and poisonous substance here in after shortened to B3, shall be substance due to its nature and or concentration and or quantity, can directly and indirectly pollute and or harm living environment and or endanger living environment, health, human being’s survival and other living creatures;
  2. B3 management shall be any activity that generates, transports, circulates, stores, uses and or disposes B3;
  3. B3 registration shall be registration and numbering on B3 existing in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;
  4. B3 storage shall be B3 placing technique to maintain B3 quality and quantity and or prevent B3 negative impact to the living environment, human being’s health, and other living creatures;
  5. B3 packaging shall be activity of packaging, filling or putting B3 into receptacle and or container, covering and or sealing it;
  6. B3 symbol shall be a picture that indicates B3 classification;
  7. Label shall be a short description that indicates among others B3 classification and type;
  8. Be transportation shall be B3 moving activity form one place to another by using transporting facilities;
  9. Limited use of B3 shall be B3 of which the use, import, and or production is limited;
  10. Prohibited use of B3 shall be type of B3 of which the use, production, circulation and or import is prohibited;
  11. B3 import shall be activity to bring B3 into customs areas of Indonesia;
  12. B3 export shall be activity to discharge B3 from customs areas of Indonesia;
  13. Notification for export shall be a prior notification from authority of exporter country to the authority of receiver country and transit country if a boundary crossing movement of limited use of B3 shall be performed;
  14. Notification for import shall be a prior notification from authority of exporter country if there will be implemented boundary crossing movement of B3 of which the use is limited, and or that is imported for the first time;
  15. Person shall be any individual, and or a group of people, and or a corporate body;
  16. Responsible agency shall be the agency that is responsible in sector of environmental impact control;
  17. Authorized agency shall be the agency that is authorized in giving permit, supervision, and other matter that is pertinent to their respective filed of task;
  18. B3 Commission shall be an independent body that functions to give recommendations and or considerations to the Government in B3 management in Indonesia;
  19. Governor shall be the Head of Provincial Region;
  20. Regent/mayor shall be the Head of Regency/City;
  21. Minister shall be the Minister that is assigned to manage living environment.

Regulation of B3 management shall have the objective to prevent and or minimize the risk of B3 impact to living environment, human being’s health, and other living creatures.

The B3 management not including in the scope of this Government Regulation shall be management of radioactive substance, detonative, mining and oil as well as natural gas production outcomes, and their processed outcomes, food and beverages and other addictive food stuff, provision of household hygiene and cosmetics, pharmaceutical prepared substances, narcotics, psychotropic, and its precursor and other addictive.

Any body who performs activity of B3 management shall be obliged to prevent any occurrence of pollution and or damage to living environment.

(1) B3 can be classified as follows:

  • a. explosive;
  • b. oxidizing;
  • c. extremely flammable;
  • d. highly flammable;
  • e. flammable;
  • f. extremely toxic;
  • g. highly toxic;
  • h. moderately toxic;
  • i. harmful;
  • j. corrosive;
  • k. irritant;
  • l. dangerous to the environment;
  • m. carcinogenic;
  • n. Teratogenic;
  • o. Mutagenic

(2) B3 classification as referred to in paragraph (1) shall consist of:

  • a. usable B3;
  • b. B3 prohibited for use;
  • c. B3 limited for use.

B3 as referred to in paragraph (2) are written in Attachment of this Government Regulation.

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