Sunday, November 20, 2011

Safety Contractor

Safety contractor in many company become company interest because most of the hard jobs are handle by contractors. Employee just handle a light routine job. This system is made because of the experience of HR on recruiting people always fail if the system on the company is applied of doing hard job. Employee normally just handle light routing job and job that need of thinking and administration job. If the job required to work hard normally the employee will not durable beside the employee need to change if have old, because hard work need young people.

Safety contractor need more high discipline, and the system sometime can't work and the violation happen repeatedly. The accident will happen if they don't follow the regulation, contractor just want pay high but don't care to their safety. In many company then implement of salary cut if deliberately violating. They bring body harness but don't use it, they bring hands glove but don't use it when work or they don't use hands glove because their contractor don't give them. Their contractor often too efficient so that their standard safety equipment don't fulfil.

The repeated to violate the procedure will trigger of accident, the accident also will happen repeatedly. Other safety equipment that routine to check like scafolding, hot job equipment, PPE and many others.

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