Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thermal Camera

Thermal camera is the camera that can detect heat or differ of picture view from the temperature. More heat the source of thing the picture will different with the surround that have different temperature. This camera just read of the heat of the source so their view will not be blocked by particles in the air like smoke and dust.

The sample of thermal and the picture resulted if we see by this camera as on the picture below:

Thermal camera is used in many purposes, but in safety interest thermal camera use to seek victim on the smoked area or to detect the source of fire. To choose thermal camera also should be suit with the purpose, like in safety it better if the camera is small and light in order easy to operate because usually fireman also bring other tools for working.

Many kind product available in the world, there are product that need by license and many other product no need license to own it. The price of this camera not like usual camera Nixon AW100, of course expensive, the cheap one about Rp. 50,0 million and the expensive about the same with the car price.

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