Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fire Truck Extinguished Fire

A firefighter should not work with nervous or careless, but must be thorough and patient, not just shoot water into the fire, because it can be fatal. Fire-fighting task is to extinguish the fire and evacuate and help fire victims. If we want to help extinguish the fire, the first thing seen is to study the situation and environments around the fire.

The firemen have to pay attention to the surrounding environment before firing water into the source of fire, and fire fighting vehicles in a safe place because the fire truck was needed to assist victims and help evacuate casualties.

Especially for fire trucks must pay attention to supply water source if the truck is running out of water after being sprayed. Whether around the scene any lake and hydrant or other water sources that can be utilized as a source of water supply. Attention to the road and the fastest and safe vehicles can turn maneuver.

On real fire extinguisher acting, even in newer place that we don't familiar with that place, we don't know what is the source of fire and where the place is in fire because all the place is closed by fog. All place just look like fog like on the above picture. To overcoming this situation, actually we can use thermal camera in order we can shoot our hydrant to the right fire spot.

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