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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Green Building Concept

Application of green-buildings have not been as big as expected. Because, there are still many do not know the economic value of green building like on green wall garden.

Naning Adiningsih Adiwoso, founder and Chairman of the Green Building Council of Indonesia (GBCI) said, the concept of green building provides energy savings up to 65%.

Green building concept is a building with the application of the rules of sustainable consumption. This supports the concept of energy saving and water, so essential to the comforts of life.

Unfortunately, this concept has not been well educated in the community. Last year, GBCI netted 86 members. With over 114 members this year, GBCI targets next year reached 125 members.

Naning sure, this will be the future trend, as long as developers, owners, contractors, and managers, seriously implement. Moreover, if the government provides incentives like in Singapore and Australia.

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