Friday, March 11, 2011

First Aid on Riot Situation

First aider may have known about how to help victim from dangerous condition, but all the theory can be missed if the situation is not good. First aider may have know how to overcome the severe bleeding, on the accident, or how to help of people burned. Those all theory can be applied if the condition and environment is possible to help.

First aider on riot condition is very different, this situation can be uncontrolled and first aiders can be on unsafe condition. Rioters often act avoid the rule, they can make new trouble to the first aider. On this condition first aider can't just focus to the victim, they also should see the environment if possible or impossible to help people. This condition may similar to the war, where the first aider can be a fire victim. The shooter can deliberately shoot the first aider in order they can't help the victim.

First aider on the riot condition can't help victim on site, but their goal move the victim from the riot to the safe place. On the safe place they can do what first aider should do as the theory on helping people.

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